Police Probe Country Director, two others at Bridge International Academies Liberia for alleged criminal act

Education Minister Ansu Sonni, Bridge-Liberia Country Director Griffin Asigo, Bridge HR Alimata Johnson

The Liberian National Police have commenced probe into an alleged email hacking by three employees of educational brand Bridge International Academies in Monrovia.

The three persons include: Alimata Johnson, HR Director, Awesome Konneh, IT Manager and Country Director Griffin Asigo, a Kenyan national.

Alimata Johnson was reportedly fired by APM Terminals before surfacing at Bridge International and has since continued her bad labor, witch hunt and other vices.

Police Special Investigation Unit (SIU) is conducting the investigation while the company’s lawyer, former Labor Minister Neto Leigh, watches the episode. Neto is also an Executive of the former ruling Unity Party.

The investigation commences following a series of invitations from the police SIU that fell on deaf ears.

The trio reportedly hacked into the email account of one of their employees, inserted information, implicated the staff before arbitrarily dismissing him.

The staff has since written the Inspector General of Police, Patrick Sudue, to fully investigate the hacking and its implication and bring the perpetrators to book.

Sources revealed the action is a hard core criminal trespass that will be thoroughly looked into and actions reached in conformity with the laws of Liberia.

Bridge Country Director since taking over remains a controversial figure who on several occasions was invited by the Liberian Legislature but refused to attend until a contempt charge was filed for Education Minister Prof. D. Ansu Sonii.

Mr. Asigo at the same time has a series of cases at the Ministry of Labor which the company is yet to settle employees or attend to some of the hearings, in flagrant disregard to government functionaries.

The latest issue of being under probe by the LNP comes at a time when four staff (three Liberians and one Kenyan) since wrote the owner of the company Shannon May asking her to investigate Mr. Asigo over sexual romance allegations before hiring which is rocking the company’s integrity. Efforts by media practitioners to ascertain from the global team on these allegations have since never been responded to.

His latest hire of a nurse, his reported girlfriend, as Director of Schools who brings zero knowledge in education, has created fury among employees.

A recent letter orchestrated by him to have employees sign to enhance his stay in the country was vehemently rejected with continuous call for investigation into the office romance and bad labor issues.

Former Education Minister George Werner, a key lobbyist and reported executive of the company, has been vigorously lobbying for the company after he appeared on OK FM show run by Julius Jeh promoting the brand.

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